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Hi, I am Bill

I’ve been fascinated by math from a young age. The ability to work with numbers is one of the most useful and essential skills one can develop in school and college. I also believe that mathematical sciences can be fun and exciting to learn if you teach them the right way. I always strive to improve my skills and develop innovative and more effective teaching strategies.


I am an outgoing Middle School Math Teacher dedicated to building an atmosphere that will encourage efficient learning of primary math concepts. Working closely with students, I can easily determine all their strengths and weaknesses needed to create personalized lesson plans. I focus on the development and implementation of flexible programs that meet curriculum standards.

Being a math teacher for more than 10 years I take great responsibility for developing and supporting learning programs for faculty, teachers, staff, and students. I also have extensive experience in the classroom and working in mixed student and academic affairs. My research interests include issues related to first-year students, high achievers, and educational institutions.

Biography Overview


College years

I was born in Virginia, and as I grew, I decided to become a math teacher. I've got my first tuition at Spelman College.


Bachelor's Degree

I have graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics.


Master's Degree

I moved to North Carolina and earned an MEd in Mathematics at the State University.


Mathematics and chill

Now I work as a dedicated middle school math teacher and support education initiatives, give lectures, private tutoring, consulting, and online courses.

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